DIY Cattail Wreath Decoration For Fall

I have a thing for wreaths – I really and truly do.  I love to make them, I love to look at them, and I love to hang them everywhere.  They make a great focal point, and are a super way to spruce up your seasonal décor.  Plus, they make great gifts too. This DIY Cattail Wreath is perfect for adding a bit of autumn whimsy to your decor this season.

DIY Cattail Wreath Decoration For Fall

DIY Cattail Wreath Decoration For Fall

With the cattails looking especially autumn like this year, I thought it would be fun to go ahead and turn them into a wreath also.  It turned out lovely, took about half of an hour to make, and makes an interesting conversation piece.

What You’ll Need to Make Yours

  • A wreath form of your choice. Anything from a Styrofoam wreath, to a straw / vine or even wire wreath will do.  You will be covering all of it – but you do need something for shape and strength
  • Cattails – snip the plant right at the base, as you will want the long grassy pieces too
  • Scissors
  • Craft wire
  • Hairspray or aerosol lacquer

DIY Cattail Wreath Decoration For Fall Progress

How to Create Your Cattail Wreath

  1. Harvest the cattails you plan on using, by cutting them with strong scissors or pruning shears, as far down as you can get
  2. Separate many of the long grassy pieces right from the base of each cattail.
  3. Place the first cattail against your wreath form where you would like it positioned, I started at about the ten o’clock position
  4. Wrap the stem of the cattail all around the wreath form to secure it. The stem will be stiff
  5. Repeat with the remaining cattails. I placed them at about ten, eleven, one and two o’clock positions.
  6. Once all of your cattails are in place, use the long grassy pieces to wrap around the form, securing the cattail stems to the form. Just overlap the ends, and if you have never used cattails before, you will be surprised at how durable and strong the grasses are
  7. Attach a loop of craft wire to the top to hang it.
  8. To give your cattail wreath an extra long life, you can spray the cattails themselves with hairspray, or an aerosol lacquer.

DIY Cattail Wreath

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