Live Healthier Without A Microwave

For 30 years I’ve had a microwave. We used it for everything: reheating leftovers, melting butter for baking, for cooking pizza pockets, etc. Everything that most people use them for. Then it died, and for the first time, talked about not getting a new one. There were many reasons for my decision but the main one is you can Live Healthier Without A Microwave.

Live Healthier Without A Microwave

I’d never though about living without a microwave. Its an appliance, and an important one. Until now.

Live Healthier Without A Microwave

There is so much hear say about the risks to your health in regards to using your microwave.


Not only does the food you put in your microwave not come out evenly cooked, but it also can contain hot spots. Extremely dangerous if you are feeding this food to your child.


Did you know…

that heating your food in the microwave can strip away its original nutrients?

that standing a foot away from it while it’s running can expose you to upwards of 400 milliGauss, and a mere 4 milliGauss has been firmly linked to leukemia?

plastic containers used to heat these microwave meals have been found to release the carcinogens along with other harmful toxins into your food?

from looking too closely/radiation escaping you can develop cataracts?

Alternative to Using a Microwave

Your stove or oven is really all you need. Reheating it in the way you cooked in the first place.

Having a toaster oven is a lot of help,  it heats like a regular oven, but since it’s tiny, it doesn’t take as long to heat up.

We didn’t realize just how much we used ours until we stopped. I’m not missing it.

Do you have a microwave? If not, how do you get around the convince of a microwave?

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