Meet The City Family

Meet the city family

We have had the City Family Farm site up and running for the past few weeks and shared our first post last week (see it here). Well now is the moment you have all been waiting for! Come on, act really excited! Now you get to meet our family.

steve and IMy name is Cat, I am one of the owners of TOTS Network, I am also a registered nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. My life is insane as my husband Steven and I raise 6 kids and prepare to move the whole family to our new FARM!

I love being outdoors with my kids and we are always up to travel, anywhere. We spend the summer up at “the lake” and can’t get enough of our boat. Steven is my incredibly supportive husband, with whom I cannot do life without. He works his schedule around mine and works hard on the weekend to spend time with the kids, and get our acreage ready for our big move.

dustinOur oldest son is 10. He is incredibly active and hilarious. He is keeping up with his peers, despite being born at 24 weeks gestation. Dustin is truly a miracle and has high functioning autism and, like most tween boys, LOVES video games. We were blessed to be chosen to be his parents through adoption. We always tell Dustin he was chosen just for us, we are the lucky ones.

lindenNext up is our  8 year old who often goes by the name LTH. Standing for “Linden the Helpful”. Often when people ask us how we raise 6 kids, we reply “we have Linden”. He loves babies, and is always willing to help. Sometimes he takes his role of big brother so seriously that we have to remind him he’s still our son. Linden loves basketball and Taekwondo.

Our middlest child is our wild child. carsonSometimes called “Trouble”, in many ways Carson is the most like me. He is nearly 6 years old and very sociable. Always willing to address the room, take charge and entertain everyone. That is where we are different, this kid is hilarious. One day I can see him being a politician or an actor. I am not sure which is better.

Our youngest “bio-baby” is just about to turn 4. hudsonAlthough if you ask Hudson, he is “43”. Maybe that is why he likes coffee so much. He is bossy, sometimes “prickly” and has the most incredible imagination. He has friends who are giants, swords that control his body and sometimes tells us about when he “was an adult”. Although not the youngest in the house, he will always be my baby.

As you may know, we are a foster family. We currently have two little baby boys we are raising. We typically have 2 babies into our home at a time. We always take newborns and raise them as our own until they return to their birth families or are adopted. Please email me if you are interested in fostering. I would love to tell you about the amazing experience we are enjoying with our boys.

foster parent

Over the next year, we will be designing and building our dream home, for us, as well as my parents and sister. The house will be built on a 5 acre lot in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. We plan on crops, goats and chickens to start with. We spend most dry weekends at “the farm” just enjoying the fresh air.

So that’s it, our family in a nutshell. We look forward to you joining us on our adventure as we move from city to country. I am an open book, want to learn more about me? Just ask!


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