Turn Your Family Farm Into A Halloween Fun House

Halloween is just around the corner and is a holiday that fits perfectly with a farm. Whether you want to have a little fun with the family or a make an extra income this month, there are some fun ways you can turn your farm into a Halloween fun house.

Turn Your Family Farm Into A Halloween Fun House

Turn Your Family Farm Into A Halloween Fun House

Spook Up that Old Barn

There is no need to get those spiderwebs out of the corners of that old barn. A barn can easily be turned into a haunted mansion. Get your creative brain working with a brilliant haunted story that goes along with the barn. Maybe someone died in there; maybe they say  the old man who died in the home haunts the barn, or maybe a wicked witch kept children as hostages in there and their souls have never found peace. Whatever you come up with, a little trick of the eyes, some spider webs, and dim lighting is sure to turn your barn into a thrilling haunted mansion.

Use Your Fields for Your Family Fun House

It’s time to harvest all the crops you have been taking care of all year long. Get creative with how you harvest your crops by turning them into corn mazes or haunted mazes. Ghosts, goblins, and scarecrows popping out from the haunted maze are sure to add a little Halloween fright that can’t be beaten. Of course, nothing is quite as spooky as walking through these haunted mazes as the sun fades from the sky.

Take Advantage of Your Woods

If you live on a farm that has a lot of lands and comes with a woods, you have the perfect kind of haunted land. Who wouldn’t want to travel through a haunted forest where they say the spirits of the dead home keepers reside? The story for the woods can be even better than the one for the barn. Haunted trails, stories, and things going bump in the night woods are all something fun you can do for Halloween.

Get Out the Tractor and Wagon

Hay rides are super fun for families and can be a creepy Halloween adventure or a just a fun fall ride. Get out the hay and take your family or families in your town on an incredible Halloween hay ride. Creepy hands that poke up from the hay are sure to add a few screams.

When it comes to having Halloween fun, your family farm makes the best Halloween adventure. Take advantage of your family farm and offer a little spook to the town with your Halloween fun house!

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