Why Living Without A Dryer Is Better For You

All the technology around us is making it harder and harder to live a self-sufficient lifestyle. As you take the journey to start living off-grid, consider going without your dryer. Not only is a dryer a huge reason for increased utility bills, but it’s not good for you! Don’t believe me? Check out why living without a dryer is better for you!

Why Living Without A Dryer Is Better For You

Why Living Without A Dryer Is Better For You

Dryers increase Moisture in Your Home

Research suggests that up to 30% of the reason for increased moisture in a home is due to the dryer. When a house is damp and full of moisture, it is prone to various kinds of molds. Molds such as black mold can be deadly when inhaled on a daily basis. Living without a dryer decreases the moisture in your home which decreases the risk of harmful fungus from forming.

Living Without A Dryer Eliminates the Scare of Fire

You know all the lint that gets piled up in your lint trap. That lint not only piles up in the lint trap but floats around to different parts of your dryer including your exhaust hose. Flammable lint topped with heat and electricity causes 15,000 house fires every year. Living without a dryer eliminates the scare of a fire caused by your dryer.


It Promotes Exercise

Taking your clothes outside and hanging them to dry is a form of exercise. It gets you out in the sun which provides vitamin D and it gets you moving around. Hanging laundry works your arm muscles, leg muscles, and promotes increased flexibility.

You Can Breathe Easier

Dryers are prone to blowing around dust mites, allergens, and other particles throughout your house. Asthma has been known to affect 1 in 12 adults and every 1 in 8 children. Dryers tend to increase these statistics and can even cause Hay Fever in allergy prone households.

It Helps the Environment

Of course, the benefits of not using a dryer are enormous on the environment. The more heat a device uses, the more energy it takes to run. This means that a dryer is using a lot of energy. The more energy we use, the more of a carbon footprint we place on the planet.

What benefits do you see in not using a clothes dryer? Share why living without a dryer is better for you in the comments below!

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