Why We Chose To Move To A Farm

Why we chose to move to a farm city family farm

I will be the first to admit that I am a city girl. Other than attending summer camp on a ranch, I have very little exposure to farm or rural life. I live just outside Vancouver and have lived here, in the suburbs my entire life. So why, about a year ago, did we decide to change things up and move out to the City Family Farm? There are many reasons.

The chance to live with extended family

If you have read my introduction post, you know that we are moving with my parents and sister to what we call “the farm”. We have been looking at places that all of us could live together for several years. We want my children to grow up close to their grandparents and one day their cousins. The Farm was the way to make this happen.

Wide open space

The ironic part of this is that almost 3 years ago we chose to move from a small house on a larger city lot into our current house. Our current house is big, but has a tiny yard. At the time I insisted we didn’t need the yard, as long as a park was nearby. I think I was trying to justify the need for a bigger house and trying to ignore the fact that in the city, a large house is likely to be on a small lot. Although I love my house, I want space! I want the kids to run and play, I want a place for them to ride bikes and play soccer, without constantly losing their balls over the fence.

The chance to raise animals

I want my children to be exposed to the life cycle, to care for animals, to watch them grow and change and provide food. One of my biggest fears about the City Family Farm is the amount of work that the animals will be. It is also likely one of the most exciting parts as well. I am not adverse to work. I have 6 kids and job and multiple blogs BY CHOICE. I love to be busy.

The opportunity to have large gatherings

Although the house on the City Family Farm is still in the planning stages, you can still find us at the farm multiple times a week. Often this is with extended family and friends. We have likely already hosted around 100 people on the farm, despite there being no home or animals. Our family and friends are like us, they want to enjoy good company and free space, even if it means hot dogs and lawn chairs around the fire. I look forward to this to continue once the house and animals are on the farm.

To share our animals with other families

As a member of the autism, adoption and fostering communities, animals are considered very therapeutic for our kids. I want to share this with my circles in a casual, non-judgemental way. I cannot wait to invite other families out so their children can see and touch our animals. I also look forward to having my children get excited about sharing their knowledge of the farm proudly.

To be “the hub” as my kids grow up

I have always wanted to be the place where my kid’s felt comfortable inviting their friends over. With my kids getting older, I hope that this continues. As they become teenagers, I hope they are out in the yard, sitting by the fire, laughing and playing.

To learn to increase our sustainability

We hope to slowly make the transition to living a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. I hope we can eat produce out of our gardens, raise our own chickens, goats and pigs to provide for our egg and meat needs. I hope these positive changes will continue. I have already learned so much by joining Hobby Farm communities online and in person. I am grateful to have communities like this and I can’t wait to get even more involved.


Well there you have it, our main reasons we have bought the property and are working at building the City Family Farm.

The image used in this post was taken at Laurica Farms. We would love for you to visit them on Facebook and be sure to tell them we sent you!

I would love to hear your thoughts and tips for me as we make this big move.


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